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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About the use of children

    We are very sorry, but we do not allow children to use this facility.
    ※Please understand that the source temperature is very hot, so we are Continue reading
  • Is there a public bath?

    The hotel does not have a complete public bath.
  • Can I use the Internet in my room?

    All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi.
    ※Wired LAN is also available.
  • Can I use a credit card?

    There is a plan exclusively for credit card payment, so please apply from there.
    ※It is not a preliminary settlement.
  • Is there a parking lot?

    We have a free parking lot (we can accommodate about 10 cars).
  • Is there a shuttle?

    I'm really sorry, but the hotel does not pick up and drop off.
    Please use "tourist facility tour bus" and "taxi" from Gora Station.
    ※There iContinue reading
  • Is the cellular phone connected?

    The Softbank mobile phone has very poor radio wave condition (it can not be connected).
    ※Mobile of au · docomo is connected.
  • Is there bespoke dish?

    Basically there is no preparation of bespoke cuisine, but depending on the content you can prepare, so it is very troublesome, but it would Continue reading
  • Is there a shop?

    The hotel does not have a complete shop etc.
  • About dinner time

    The dinner of the hotel is aiming to provide freshly prepared dishes without making any cooking, so it is really selfish, but the time for dContinue reading
  • About use by groups and organizations

    There is no "Ballroom" available at the hotel.
    ※Meals are only available in the rooms.
    Also, there is no large public bath, so it will be inContinue reading

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